Friday, April 16, 2010

Round-up on the use of the 3000 ad statistic

This post is a round-up of recent mentions of the fact that an average person is exposed to 3000 advertisements each day. At what point do ideas or memes become so engrained in our society that they become truth? As the old joke goes, 67.2% of all statistics are made up.


Hannah writes that advertising creates negative self-image by portraying unrealistic images of women. She supports her argument with the 3000 ad statistic:

One statistic that really caught my attention was that the average person is exposed to over 3000 ads everyday!

The Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation quotes industry analyst, Jaime Enrique Y. Gonzalez who says advertisers need to consider putting thier ads in video games because:

People see 3000 ads a day on the average but they screen out everything. The traditional advertising market is crowded and expensive.

Corey uses the stat in an online sermon about how we need to stop worshiping at the church of consumerism and return to God and faith:

The average person is exposed to approximately 3000 ads everyday through a variety of media. Everyday we are bombarded with slick advertising telling us what we lack and what we need to fulfill our lives and make life more comfortable...